[Previously Known As The Servant Team]

What is it?

This year our high school team gets a total revamping! Instead of filling out an application and coming to an interview session, you'll simply (with the help of a parent of course) register for the Crew. This program is designed to be a great opportunity to learn about leadership and service. We hope that it would even be life changing for you. If you are a current freshman, sophomore or junior you can sign up for a three week session for a small, non-refundable, registration fee of $100. With the $100 fee and a fulfilled three week working session, each team member is eligible to go on a weekend adventure retreat!

What'll I be doing?

The daytime responsibilities of a Crew member are manning our camp store, setting up and breaking down each day for camp, supporting the customer service staff, and helping out with the ropes course. This team is vitally important in keeping Camp All-American running smoothly. However, this year will look very different. Each of your fifteen days will be broken into 3 equal parts:

  1. Responsibilities- This is the time when you will work with a team of eight to help make camp happen! This is when you will be working on the above.
  2. Camp Fun- This is your time to be a camper. You will play games, go out to the ropes course, and even swim in the pool!
  3. Leadership Development- this is a time set aside for you to learn how to lead. You will get opportunities to lead groups, be part of groups, create games for younger campers, and learn about your unique gifting as you are encouraged to grow by an experienced CAA staff person!  

What do my parents need to know?

Each team member must complete a consecutive 3 week session. Your options are May 31st – June 17th, June 20th- July 8th, or July 11th-July 29th, starting at 8:00 am each day and ending at 4:30 pm.  Each session is followed by a weekend retreat that begins on their last Friday.  To be eligible for the retreat, attendance is mandatory for the session you choose (unless you're ill or have a death in the family). If your camper enjoys their time, they are also welcome to join us on the last week of camp(Aug 1st-5th)  , where they will participate in similar activities. This week is free for those who previously participated!  

Do I qualify?

If you have just finished your Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior year, than YES!


We are taking the first thirty to sign up for each session, so register now to make sure you get the session you want!

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